im so miserable but i laugh at everything



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Pretending to be happy and that everything’s okay gets so tiring.


*blogs the pain away*


who wants to hire me as their maid i’m not gonna clean im just gonna wear a cute maid outfit dust like 6 things and bend down a lot

Talking to you gets me emotional.. Why can’t I be happy? My heart just aches to the point where I have no more tears left. Why’d you have to play with my emotions?


Number one reason to get a job:

  1. Concert tickets and band shirts
  • Bro 1: bro let's get matching anchor tattoos
  • Bro 2: why bro?
  • Bro 1: so our broship doesn't float away
  • Bro 2: bro..

Sleepless nights and too much on my mind. I want to cry. I feel like crying. But then why cry over someone who doesn’t give two shits about you?